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X-ray Crystallography
Electron microscopy // 26.10.2023

DECTRIS participated in IMC20, where the company’s workshop generated significant interest and promoted engagement with the Electron Microscopy community.

Product updates // 22.09.2023

Among the highlights at the IUCr 2023 were DECTRIS’ PILATUS4 launch, an Exhibition and Scientific Contributions, a DECTRIS Party, and lots of fun times!

Corporate news // 28.07.2023

Our former Head of Support and Commissioning has moved into a new position. What stays the same is Sascha’s desire to be part of the story; to work with engineers and scientists in order to enable synchrotron science.

Corporate news // 28.07.2023

Sofia is passionate about science and new collaborations. She joined DECTRIS this April, and she is looking forward to getting to know our detector users better. IUCr 2023 in Melbourne is a great opportunity for her to do just that.

Interviews // 22.04.2023

Repurposing the PILATUS 2M into a beer tap, a join effort of an cross-fucntional team at DECTRIS 

Electron microscopy // 21.04.2023

Breaking barriers in electron microscopy: DECTRIS builds closer ties with the Chinese community through conferences and institution visits with Shanghai Winner

Corporate news // 06.02.2023

Shanghai Winner International Trading and DECTRIS sign a distribution agreement.

Featured beamlines // 14.12.2022

Today, we formally announce that PILATUS3 will have a successor: next summer, we will officially launch PILATUS4.

Corporate news // 09.11.2022

TESCAN TENSOR integrates DECTRIS QUADRO hybrid-pixel detectors to enable 4D STEM applications.

X-ray diffraction // 06.09.2022

From August 1-3 2022, UNITE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (UNITE) attended the Hefei Light Source User Meeting as a distributor for DECTRIS Switzerland. UNITE presented the EIGER2 X and PILATUS3 X series detectors to synchrotron users, deepening cooperation between DECTRIS Switzerland and Chinese scientists.