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Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

SAXS techniques have been achieving the dream of constant growth, thanks to the automation of beamlines, the availability of SAXS lab machines, and the diversity of their users. What are the techniques’ secrets? Collecting a near-perfect scattering pattern and performing accurate data analysis.

In overcoming the ultimate SAXS challenge, hybrid-photon-counting detectors played several important roles. The first one was to ensure noise-free performance and a high dynamic range in order to achieve accurate measurements over a very high intensity distribution, down to very low angles. The second role was to ensure stable and reliable image detection that enabled flawless background subtraction. And the third related to design flexibility that is inherent to hybrid-photon technology. 

Thanks to the ability to create detectors with vacuum compatibility and removable windows, parasitic scattering could be removed, and this further improved data quality. However, the creativity did not stop there. Custom-made detectors can now be designed with a beam pass, while the latest off-shelf products (EIGER2) introduce a second threshold, continuous readout, and advanced triggering schemes. This enables suppression of cosmics, as well as acquisitions down to the millisecond regime, thereby allowing for monitoring of fast kinetics – even for macromolecules in near-native solutions. And as an additional benefit, the (same) detector is readily employed for WAXS measurements, either simultaneously or interchangeably with SAXS. 

In laboratory machines, hybrid-photon-counting detectors are running almost 24/7 to collect X-ray data on various materials, from dispersed nanoparticles to biological molecules. The data quality is great, as long as you don’t need ultra-fast measurements.

  • Our large-area detectors have small pixels for a wide Q-range and high angular resolution for SAXS and WAXS.
  • Optional vacuum compatibility and windowless design to remove parasitic scattering.
  • Collect a high or unlimited number of frames, without noise and at a high dynamic range.

SAXS at Synchrotron Sources

  • We offer very-large-area detectors with vacuum compatibility.
  • Monitor fast kinetics or employ scanning techniques with EIGER2, thanks to its continuous readout, high frame rate, and advanced triggering schemes.
  • We offer Specific Solutions in the tender X-ray regime, as well as windowless detectors and WAXS detectors for SWAXS.

Most Frequently Used Products at Synchrotrons

SAXS in Laboratories

  • Obtain accurate data thanks to noise-free performance and a high dynamic range, with a removable window option.
  • Reduce cosmic signals by using EIGER2’s second threshold. 
  • Measure Io with beam-stop-less geometries that have no need of alignment.

Most Frequently Used Products in Laboratories

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