We are proud to develop and manufacture high-performance X-ray and electron detectors that, in the hands of our users, enable new scientific achievements!

About Us

DECTRIS is focused on developing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performance hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors. We are the global leader in hybrid-pixel X-ray detectors (HPC) for science and industry, and develop our technology to advance new markets such as medical, electron microscopy, and X-ray inspection.

DECTRIS provides reliable, easy-to-integrate detectors that enable customers to focus on their unique competitive advantages. With our comprehensive technological knowledge and industrial-scale manufacturing, our users enjoy consistent product quality and on-time delivery. Our noise-free, spectral, and fast detectors provide better data that keeps users ahead of the competition.

With the world’s most advanced detector technology, we are achieving breakthroughs in performance and precision for all fields of X-ray detection. Now, researchers and engineers can get more accurate data for faster analysis and product development.

With expertise in ASIC development, we achieved a significant breakthrough in electron detection. Today, DECTRIS offers fast electron-counting detectors that do not compromise on high-dynamic range or sensitivity and help advance applications such as 4D STEM, EELS, and microED.

DECTRIS is the hybrid-pixel detector company of choice for scientists desiring premier performance, plus the confidence of working with a stable, trusted technology partner.


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Our Mission

Our Mission is to challenge the limits of detection technology and collaborate with partners on providing transformative solutions beyond detectors.

We focus on technological innovations, as well as their integration into reliable detector solutions. We strive for collaboration in the way we work together in the company, as well as with our customers, suppliers, research partners, and all other colleagues. We believe it is only by collaborating with partners that we can enable transformative solutions beyond detectors.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a sustainable, independent, and trusted company that anticipates the needs of scientists and engineers around the world.

Sustainability, reliability, and our ethical principles guide our activities and relationships, both internally and with our partners. Trust is at the core of our work ethic, and we strongly believe that this allows employees, teams, and collaborators to unleash their full potential. 

Research and science are constantly advancing, and to be sustainable as a company, we have to anticipate future trends. Our corporate structures are optimized for adapting ourselves and our solutions to these changing requirements of engineers and scientists in our communities.

We see our company as a member of the global research community and have the ambition, based on our ethical principles, to market our solutions wherever they will solve problems.

Our Employees

Today we are almost 150 employees and growing! More than 65% of our employees have a technical college or university degree or higher and 50% of them have a Ph.D. Coming from academia or having worked in an academic environment, our employees understand the scientific community better than anyone else.

Message from Our Founder

"At DECTRIS we are sharing the vision to provide the most advanced photon- and electron-counting detector systems. Our users  benefit from the outstanding features and the high quality of our products. I am very proud that our broad customer basis answers the most challenging scientific questions with our instruments.

Our employees are passionate about delivering the best possible detector technology to our customers.
I’m convinced that through these efforts we are able to provide our cutting edge technology beyond X-ray analytics to electron microscopy and a broad range of industrial and medical applications."

Dr. Christian Brönnimann

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