Silicon Sensors

For high-energy applications, X-ray detection efficiency is limited by the thickness of the silicon sensor, which converts the X-ray photons into an electrical charge. High-energy sensors with increased sensor thicknesses of 1000 µm compensate for silicon’s lower absorption efficiency at high energies.

All DECTRIS silicon sensors are based on well-established silicon technology. They are available in the MYTHEN2 and PILATUS detector families — from the MYTHEN2 1K to the PILATUS 6M. EIGER detectors incorporate our standard 450 µm silicon sensors.

Fig. 1: Quantum efficiency of 450 and 1000 µm sensors measured at the PTB laboratory at BESSY II.


Photon energy 450 µm 1000 µm
5.4 keV (Cr) 94% > 80%
8.0 keV (Cu) 98% 96%
12.4 keV (1Å) 84% 97%
17.5 keV (Mo) 47% 76%
22.2 keV (Ag) 27% 50%

Tab. 1: Quantum efficiency at typical X-ray energies.