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Electron Diffraction (MicroED)

Leave no crystal behind! Take advantage of your TEM and a hybrid-pixel detector to collect data of unprecedented quality at a high throughput.

A crystal’s size matters! We have the right tools for your small crystals. Choose an electron diffractometer, or a winning combination of your standard TEM and our fast, hybrid-pixel electron detectors.

As you take advantage of a Transmission Electron Microscope’s (TEM) rotating stage, your sub-micron crystals can provide you with high-resolution structural information using the continuous-rotation Electron Diffraction (ED) method, which was introduced by Ute Kolb and colleagues more than a decade ago. Although the methodology is not new, our fast, hybrid-pixel, direct electron detectors will provide unprecedented data quality and super-fast readout for high-throughput, shutterless data collection. 

Such a streamlined small-molecule electron crystallography workflow can bring you outstanding results in under four hours.

  • Increase your productivity with a staggering readout speed of 2 kHz and take advantage of an unmatched dynamic range for your electron diffraction experiments.
  • Forget the beam-stopper and focus on your sample, not your detector. The detector is radiation-hard. 
  • Access even the faintest diffraction spot, thanks to single-electron sensitivity and negligible readout noise. 

Hybrid-Pixel Detectors for Electron Diffraction

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