PILATUS Processing Unit

The PILATUS processing unit (PPU) provides an efficient complement to PILATUS3 detector systems at synchrotron beamlines. Consisting of a high-end server, the PPU provides ample processing power and dedicated software packages, both of which help to eliminate bottlenecks in many of today’s beamline installations.

The fast PILATUS3 detectors are used in combination with the PPU to achieve superior data collection and processing performance.

Easy-to-use and highly efficient, the software packages are designed to meet the needs of high-performance beamlines equipped with PILATUS detectors. These packages offer instantaneous, highly reliable data transfer, lightening-fast data processing, and real-time data visualization and manipulation.

"We are very happy with the performance of PPUs in general. In fact on MX beamlines over the two years of operation we did not miss a single frame, which is radically different from our previous experiences with self-made data management solutions. Our users process nearly all the data on PPUs, XDS basically keeps up with the data collection."

Gleb Burenkov, EMBL, Synchrotron PETRA III at DESY, Germany