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Medical Imaging

Precise diagnostics with highest patient safety: Enhance your medical imaging products with photon-counting detector technology to enable low dose, high resolution and spectral imaging.

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  • Photon-counting detector technology for medical imaging applications
  • Fast counting ASICs with multiple energy bins
  • Latest module packaging techniques
  • Data acquisition hardware for seamless system integration


Spectral Computed Tomography (CT)

Intrinsic energy sensitivity of our photon-counting detectors allow better insight of the type of scanned materials. Accurate measurement of contrast agents concentration and their separation from other materials will unleash completely new diagnostic protocols in clinics. Photon-counting detectors usher a new era in quantitative CT.

Left: Spectral separation of contrast agents by using a multi-energy bin CT. Right: Photon-counting CT of a mouse with a sarcoma tumor. The iodine contrast agent is visible in the vasculature (red) and a gadolinium nano-particle contrast agent accumulated in the sarcoma tumor (green). Badea, C. T., et al., Phys. Med. Biol 64(6), 2019

High Resolution, Low Dose CT

As X-ray photons are directly converted into an electrical signal, detection efficiency is maximized and patient dose minimized. Moreover, blurring of image information into neighboring pixels is kept at a minimum, making photon-counting detectors ideal for high-resolution imaging.

High resolution CT of a human hand, revealing the detailed structure of trabecular bone. Courtesy of M. Pichotka, University of Freiburg

Cardiac CT

High acquisition speed combined with spectral sensitivity enable new diagnostic protocols in cardiac CT. Iodine (and other) contrast agent maps, virtual-non contrast images or effective-Z maps are intrinsically available with photon-counting CT scan data and thus the decision to use those images can be made retrospectively.

Axial views of a mouse thorax before and right after the injection of a bismuth contrast agent. The CT valuea of soft tissue are 100±50 HU and 1100 ± 140 HU before and after the scan, respectively. C = 750 HU, W = 2000 HU. Amato C et al., Phys. Med. Biol. 68(13), 2023

Full-Field Spectral Radiography

Dual and multi-energy radiography in a single shot. Photon-counting detector technology will solve many critical needs in full-field X-ray exams, such as improved bone and soft-tissue contrast, separation of contrast media in contrast enhanced protocols, or fast acquisitions in tomosynthesis and cone-beam CT scans.

Different structures or malignancies, including a biopsy cavity and micro-calcifications. These images of a freshly ablated breast, made using digital breast tomosynthesis enhanced with a photon-counting detector. Courtesy of TU Munich

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