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X-ray Crystallography
Success Stories // 19.05.2022
Dr. Na Li at Shanghai Synchrotron wins the DECTRIS award for her work on drug development
Success Stories // 21.02.2022
The story of the cornerstone of your favorite PILATUS X-ray detector
Success Stories // 12.01.2022
44 young, dynamic and perspective students meet up to detect the future of the biomolecular structure and mechanisms
Success Stories // 28.10.2020
Fast and affordable synchrotron PXRD measurements of industrial scale volumes of samples? Mineralogist and entrepreneur Jarkko Stenman tells how.
Success Stories // 10.08.2020
Award-winning research on dynamic in situ single crystal diffraction.
Success Stories // 10.06.2020
An interview with Benjamin Lüthi about DECTRIS’ journey toward its 100th specific solution.
Success Stories // 26.05.2020
139 out of 160 known coronavirus protein structures were solved with DECTRIS X-ray detectors. We are proud to see our technology in action in the fight against COVID-19, like in the project by the scientists at DESY. Watch their video report.
Success Stories // 29.04.2019
Beyond 20 Å in 6 hours: extending the Q- and angular resolution in your home diffractometer
Success Stories // 05.11.2018
The upgraded diffractometer in the Barkla lab in Liverpool complements XFEL beamtime for the study of pH-dependent ...
Success Stories // 17.09.2018
This year's Charpak-Ritz Prize was awarded to Professor Roland Horisberger for his pioneering work on 2D semiconductor ...