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X-ray Crystallography
X-ray diffraction // 04.05.2022
EPDIC and Šibenik seen through the eyes of powder crystallographers, locals and enthusiasts
Corporate news // 11.03.2022
DECTRIS ELA electron detectors are now available on CEOS energy filters.
Corporate news // 08.03.2022
As a company with a mission to enhance human health, we believe that a contribution to help the people who are suffering is the right thing to do.
Success Stories // 21.02.2022
The story of the cornerstone of your favorite PILATUS X-ray detector
Product updates // 03.02.2022

A dedicated platform for applied electron diffraction is shaping up.

Corporate news // 26.01.2022
New DECTRIS CEO introduces organizational changes but keeps the company strategy
Corporate news // 26.01.2022
DECTRIS award recognizes researchers who think outside-of-the-box, both from academia and industry, and helps them share their findings with a broader audience at a scientific conference of their choice. This year we are carefully optimistic, and hoping for many good scientific exchanges “on site”.
Success Stories // 12.01.2022
44 young, dynamic and perspective students meet up to detect the future of the biomolecular structure and mechanisms
Corporate news // 26.11.2021
Swiss Employer Award 2021 recognizes DECTRIS – again!
Featured beamlines // 25.10.2021
The MSPD beamline continues to perform its PXRD and PDF measurements with a new, multi-modular MYTHEN2 detector.

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