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DECTRIS Electrifies IMC20: Illuminating Electron Microscopy's Future with ARINA

The DECTRIS Team at IMC20.

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In September of this year, we participated in the 20th International Microscopy Congress (IMC20), which was held in Busan, South Korea. Our workshop, titled “4D STEM in Practice with DECTRIS ARINA”, garnered significant interest and drew a full audience. Throughout the conference, we engaged in meaningful conversations with scientists in the field of Electron Microscopy. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this impactful conference.

The DECTRIS Booth at IMC 20

At the heart of the IMC20 exhibition, we proudly showcased our booth. Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Matthias Schneebeli, and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Clemens Schulze-Briese, alongside our Electron Microscopy team, engaged in insightful discussions about the latest developments in the field and deepened our understanding of our customers’ ongoing scientific research. Notably, our flagship product, ARINA, garnered significant interest among the booth’s attendees.

We were delighted to meet Professor Zhen Chen and his team from China, who are our inaugural customers for ARINA in the Chinese market. Furthermore, we had the pleasure of meeting our Chinese distributor, Shanghai Winner, and solidifying our global reach.

The representatives of our Chinese distributor, Shanghai Winner, with our DECTRIS team at IMC20.

Workshop: “4D STEM in Practice with DECTRIS ARINA”

The lunch workshop led by Dr. Daniel Stroppa, titled ”4D STEM in Practice with DECTRIS ARINA”, attracted a significant number of attendees, who packed the room to capacity. 

This workshop focused on the hands-on use of the DECTRIS ARINA detector for fast 4D STEM experiments. It encompassed topics ranging from the optimum STEM setup and relevant data acquisition parameters to the use of DECTRIS NOVENA for efficient 4D STEM data analysis.

Engaged participants at the workshop on '4D STEM in Practice with DECTRIS ARINA'.

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