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Electron microscopy // 19.10.2022

Crème de la crème of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)

Electron microscopy // 20.09.2022

What does Ptychography bring to the table, and how can we benefit from it? 

Featured labs // 27.07.2022

A custom-made diffractometer, built through collaborative engineering, takes us from the synchrotron to the lab.

Electron microscopy // 25.07.2022
Explore this interview with Benedikt Haas, the first DECTRIS ELA user!
Electron microscopy // 07.06.2022
Explore well-known and new facts about 4D STEM: from basic principles to the latest developments.
Electron microscopy // 08.05.2022
DECTRIS celebrates the 25th anniversary of the function of the first aberration-corrected TEM with a selection of papers.
Featured labs // 03.05.2022
Balancing high-throughput and innovation: a combination of diffractometers and an expert’s hand.
Electron microscopy // 13.04.2022
In this interview, we talk with Colin Ophus about 4D STEM, detector technologies, and computational research.
X-ray diffraction // 12.04.2022
A collection of Laue diffraction papers from synchrotrons and laboratories
Medical // 05.04.2022
Tumor imaging with a novel spectral micro-CT