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Corporate news // 05.06.2024

We, DECTRIS, stand as a famous supplier of X-ray detectors in the Chinese laboratory market. We are deeply committed to supporting our Chinese clients by navigating through obstacles such as geographical distances and internet limitations. Keen to learn about our offerings? Delve into an engaging interview with Mifang Lu, Senior Regional Sales APAC Manager, and Marcus Mueller, Senior X-ray Analytics Product Manager, to uncover more about our innovative services and solutions!

Corporate news // 17.04.2024

As 2024 unfolds, we at DECTRIS are glad to share the highlights of our recent journey back to China. This trip was a landmark trip for us, filled with significant milestones and enriching interactions.

Electron microscopy // 28.11.2023

A purpose-built electron cryo-microscope, running at 100 keV, promises to reduce the cost and complexity of studies on biological structures.


X-ray Crystallography // 03.11.2023

How do Hybrid Photon Counting detectors contribute to breast cancer research, and how is DECTRIS involved? 

X-ray Crystallography // 23.05.2023

May 19, 2023 was the 109th anniversary of Max Perutz’s birth. Who was he, and how did he contribute to identifying the first protein using X-rays?

// 04.05.2023

DECTRIS renews strong connections with the Chinese scientific community and distributors by visiting them in person after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Corporate news // 08.03.2023

Thoughts on the International Women’s Day from a DECTRIS female scientist

Interviews // 02.03.2023

A talk with Rolf Bachmann, Electrical Engineer at DECTRIS

Electron microscopy // 10.02.2023

Learn about the inner workings of the electron microscopy facilities at the PSI in this interview with Dr. Elisabeth Müller and Dr. Emiliya Poghosyan!

Electron microscopy // 18.01.2023

What does it mean to develop for the scientific community?