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This complete renewal of the famous PILATUS detector brings DECTRIS' latest photon-counting technology with 150-µm pixel resolution for synchrotron and laboratory setups.

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DECTRIS PILATUS4 photon-counting X-ray detectors reach an unprecedented combination of speed and active area at synchrotrons. They are also available for approaching synchrotron-like performance in scientific instruments in the laboratory. 

These detectors feature DECTRIS' latest photon-counting detection technology with maximum count rate of 107 ph/s/pixel. They are available with silicon or cadmium telluride sensors for highly efficient detection over a wide energy range. With up to four independent energy thresholds that can be recorded simultaneously, they enable suppression of disturbing fluorescence or higher harmonic radiation. Thanks to their 150 µm pixel size with a sharp, single-pixel point-spread function, they also deliver the ideal spatial resolution, ensuring independent counting of neighboring pixels. 

  • Accurate: PILATUS4 detectors offer high resolution, from the lowest flux valleys to the highest data peaks.
  • Noise free and stable: photon counting technology offering highest possible data quality. 
  • Easy integration: fast and reliable thanks to the established data interface (SIMPLON API).  

PILATUS4 at Your Source

For Synchrotrons

PILATUS4 synchrotron detectors let you take full advantage of the brightest synchrotron sources.

For Laboratories

PILATUS4 laboratory detectors bring synchrotron-quality measurements into your laboratory.

Key Contact

Tilman Donath
Product Manager - High Energy

Marcus Müller
Product Manager - Laboratories, XRD


Hybrid-pixel technology enables us to create detectors that are free of readout noise and dark current, and single-photon counting allows each pixel to detect individual photons and compare their energy to a discrimination threshold. Hence, hybrid-pixel detectors can selectively recognize and suppress unwanted sample fluorescence, and even (when using a second threshold) cosmic background radiation or higher harmonics, giving you higher-quality images. DECTRIS’ photon-counting detectors are specifically designed and optimized for this noise-free direct detection of X-rays.

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