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DECTRIS Strengthens China Ties in Early 2024 with a Landmark Visit

The DECTRIS team alongside HEPS scientists during a meeting.

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As 2024 unfolds, we at DECTRIS are glad to share the highlights of our recent journey back to China. This trip was a landmark trip for us, filled with significant milestones and enriching interactions. We proudly installed our first three detectors at the High Energy Photon Source (HEPS), led a workshop for our OEM customers, had discussions with synchrotron scientists in Shenzhen, and engaged with the Electron Microscopy community. Dive into our story to discover more about these exciting developments!

HEPS BB Pink SAXS Commissioning

This year, we had the opportunity to revisit the High Energy Photon Source (HEPS) in Beijing, in collaboration with our distributor UNITE. We are proud to announce the successful installation and commissioning of our EIGER2 S 4M-HEPS, EIGER2 S 4M, and EIGER2 X 1M detectors at the BB Pink SAXS beamline. These detectors were installed in a 15-meter vacuum chamber to conduct advanced SAXS measurements. 

Known for its technological innovations—including a small 75-µm pixel size; high speeds, extensive active areas; a high count-rate capability; an optional vacuum feature; and Instant Retrigger® technology—the EIGER2 series has once again proven its exceptional value. The installation process went seamlessly, earning us the satisfaction of the HEPS scientific community and reinforcing our excitement for ongoing and future collaborations aimed at pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the individuals and teams whose dedication made this achievement possible.

Additionally, our experience of the local culture was enhanced wonderfully by the distinctive three-wheel motorbikes. These offered our team a memorable and delightful means of transport at the synchrotron.

DECTRIS Team Members Riding Three-Wheeled Motorbikes at HEPS.


Our support team members are conducting a technical discussion with HEPS beamline scientists.

OEM Customer Workshop

We also had our first OEM customers workshop in China, in partnership with our distributor Taikun. This workshop attracted an impressive turnout from numerous Chinese OEM partners. At the heart of the event were an in-depth presentation of our pioneering Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology and an insightful overview of our product development roadmap. The session provided us a unique opportunity not only to showcase our technological advancements, but also to engage directly with our partners. We seized this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving needs and emerging trends among our OEM customer base.

Our commitment, alongside that of our dedicated distributor, remains steadfast in supporting our OEM partners. Together, we are focused on fostering the creation of superior equipment, leveraging the latest in technological innovations and collaborative efforts to achieve excellence.

Scientific Discussion at OEM Customer Workshop. 


DECTRIS Workshop for OEM Customers. 

Shenzhen Trip

During our recent visit to Shenzhen, we were astounded by the city's remarkable pace of development, which locals call “Shenzhen Speed”. It's clear that Shenzhen is a city on the move, with progress evident at every turn. 

During our stay, we met with synchrotron beamline scientists. These discussions provided us with invaluable insights into scientists’ specific needs for detectors, as well as an opportunity to share our technologies. This exchange was not just about business; it was also a meeting of minds where science meets innovation, paving the way for future collaborations.

Electron Microscopy

Our reputation as leaders in X-ray detection technology across China is something we're very proud of. Yet, our journey didn't stop there. 

After over a decade of development and the perfection of our hybrid-pixel detection technology, we have expanded our portfolio to include electron detectors (ARINA, ELA, SINGLA, QUADRO) for Materials Science and Life Sciences research. Our cutting-edge electron detectors are renowned for their extraordinary speeds, resilience to radiation, and wide dynamic range. They are designed to accelerate Electron Microscopy (EM) experiments while ensuring the acquisition of premium-quality data. 

On this journey, our EM team, together with our Chinese EM distributor, Shanghai Winner, accomplished the milestone of installing and commissioning the first electron detectors in China. Additionally, Dr. Daniel Stroppa, our EM Application Scientist, made several visits to clients across China. He also conducted training for our distributors on 4D STEM data processing, highlighting our dedication to advancing scientific inquiry in the field of EM.

Don’t forget to explore our Electron Microscopy product pages and X-Ray product pages for deeper insights and exciting discoveries!

Our Group During the China Trip

  • Sascha Grimm, Synchrotron Product Manager
  • Dr. Marcus Mueller, Senior X-ray Analytics Product Manager
  • Dr. Nicolas Pilet, Head of Sales
  • Dr. Mifang Lu, Senior Regional Sales APAC Manager
  • Dr. Daniel Stroppa, Senior EM Application Scientist
  • Dr. Jan Vávra, EM Field System Engineer
  • Dr. Matthias Meffert, EM Technical Product Manager
  • Jonathan Sauser, Senior Field System Engineer
  • Patrick Schönholzer, Field System Engineer


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