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These are compact X-ray detectors with a 50-µm strip and the highest available count rate for synchrotron and laboratory sources.

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DECTRIS MYTHEN®2 single-photon-counting X-ray detectors feature the narrowest strip on the market (50 µm), which is available in three thicknesses. Offering noise-free performance and an excellent count rate, these microstrip detectors allow for premium resolution at X-ray energies from 4 to 40 keV, with either short or long exposure times. Their compact size is suitable for a range of diffractometers and spectrometers and allows multimodular systems to be built in various geometries. Additionally, MYTHEN2 detectors introduce an unprecedented frame rate with a high dynamic range for any number of modules.

  • Fast & accurate: MYTHEN2 detectors offer noise-free detection at the highest commercially available count rate for an extended energy range (from 4 to 40 keV).
  • Modular & compatible: individual detector modules are easy to combine into large systems. MYTHEN2 also offers straightforward synchronization with other systems and optional vacuum capability.
  • Reliable: detector performance is always stable. Delivery terms are guaranteed, thanks to streamlined industrial production and top-notch support.

MYTHEN2 at Your Source

For Synchrotrons

These are versatile microstrip detectors that deliver high-resolution data at impressive speeds.

For Laboratories

These are reliable and affordable strip detectors for easy integration into any laboratory system.

Key Contact

Marcus Müller
Product Manager - Laboratories, XRD


Single-photon-counting technology enables us to create detectors that are free of readout noise and dark current, and our hybrid-photon-counting (HPC) detectors can suppress fluorescence radiation. Thanks to these technologies, every photon is detected individually and counted in the detector.

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