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X-ray Crystallography
Corporate news // 13.11.2019
We already launched the EIGER2 XE for ultimate speed and EIGER2 R for laboratories. In December there will be more.
Corporate news // 13.11.2019
HPC detector and X-rays on the hunt for high-quality data! Their search takes them on an exciting and full of mystery...
Corporate news // 05.11.2019
Doing crystallography at high energies and cryoEM at low energies boosts data over damage but strictly depends on the
Corporate news // 05.11.2019
A typical structural biology Ph.D. student joins a science retreat to network with their peers, and their biggest dream
Corporate news // 04.11.2019
DECTRIS and Unite Technology visited the BSR13 conference in Shanghai.
Corporate news // 19.09.2019
The funny and talented Brian Pauw introduces a complete and automated X-ray data correction solution in his seminar.
Corporate news // 10.09.2019
#makEMcount was our goal at the Microscopy Conference in Berlin this year. And showcasing new electron detectors!
Corporate news // 28.08.2019
EIGER2 R product family launch, Catch the Photons, Lunchtime Seminar, and other highlights from the conference!
Corporate news // 26.08.2019
Synchrotron users are already familiar with the high-performance EIGER2 detector family, and now DECTRIS brings a ...
Corporate news // 16.08.2019
DECTRIS exhibited at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2019 in Portland with a big team.

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