Corporate news // 28.07.2023 // DECTRIS

Sascha Grimm Becomes DECTRIS Product Manager for Synchrotrons

Sascha Grimm, Product Manager for Synchrotron

Our former Head of Support and Commissioning has moved into a new position. What stays the same is Sascha’s desire to be part of the story; to work with engineers and scientists in order to enable synchrotron science.

Sascha joined DECTRIS in 2015 as a Field Systems Engineer. The small, unassuming DECTRIS with its global impact won his heart. Sascha wanted to get to know all these technicians, engineers, and scientists that were doing breakthrough work at synchrotrons; he wanted to take part in this story.

In 2017, Sascha was promoted to be in charge of the Support team. During his tenure, the team expanded geographically to Philadelphia (USA) and Himeji (Japan) to be even closer to customers around the world. Sascha also saw DECTRIS enter the Electron Microscopy market with its new customer support needs. DECTRIS technical support receives a lot of praise from detector users, and it’s a key ingredient of our success.

“This is an exciting time for DECTRIS Support, and it’s a little sad to leave this great team. But I’m excited about creating product visions together with my colleagues and our community, turning them into actual instruments that help advance science”, Sascha explains his motivation for the move. As the Product Manager for Synchrotron, Sascha is responsible for the success of the DECTRIS synchrotron detectors throughout their entire lifecycle. This takes close collaboration with customers and colleagues at synchrotrons to understand the needs, identify future technology requirements and their applications, and turn them into product requirements together with internal experts. To goal is to challenge the limits of detection technology, deliver reliable detectors, and enable new scientific and technological breakthroughs.

DECTRIS of today has grown since 2015, and we have kept our global impact. And Sascha Grimm has become an integral part of our story.

Will you be at the Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) 2023 in Melbourne this August? Come say hi to Sascha, and tell him what kind of a detector you really need!

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