Aug 26, 2024 - Aug 30, 2024

DECTRIS at the International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI) 2024

We are excited to meet you in Hamburg, Germany for the International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation: SRI 2024.

Meet Us at our Booth 
Join us at the exhibition and meet our team! Let's chat over some coffee & Swiss chocolates!

DECTRIS CLOUD Launch - Lunchtime Seminar on Wednesday, August 28
Be sure to join our lunchtime seminar on Wednesday, August 28 for the launch of DECTRIS CLOUD, our innovative service to handle overwhelming volumes of data generated in cutting-edge scientific experiments. Designed to simplify data handling and analysis, DECTRIS CLOUD empowers scientists to gain deeper insights and focus on their research without the hassle of data management and computation resource allocation.
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